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I’ve created (and partnered on) over 20 different products over the last 2 years and have seen amazing success on many of them. Here you can find more info about some of those products, check out the sales pages and if you are an affiliate you can even promote them…

WP Freshstart

When you create a brand new wordpress site, there are about 20 little things that you need to do before you can make your site fully ready to use. You need to delete the default content, setup the correct settings, create important legal & disclaimer pages, set up comments and other key options and finally add required plugis and themes to get your site going.

All this takes up more than 30 minutes of your time. Imagine if you had to do this over and over again.

WP Freshstart does all these boring tasks for you in under 10 seconds and it just takes ONE-CLICK.

See the demo video & you’ll see why this plugin is awesome…

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Details about each of the products coming soon – I just got started building this site!

  1. WP Freshstart
  2. VidEngage
  3. FotoPress
  4. WP-FanMachine
  5. WP-ZeroBounce
  6. WP-Freshstart
  7. WP-Central Hub